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It takes more than just having products to succeed in Retail today. Our value-added services help you optimize your assortment and inventory levels, elevate your customer experience, and increase accessory attach rates.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

What is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI) is an integrated solution that provides automatic inventory replenishment. VMI makes VoiceComm an extension of your team. We make inventory recommendations and provide you with transparent reporting to accurately and efficiently make purchasing decisions and drive sell-through while keeping inventory fresh.

Why Vendor Managed Inventory?

VMI leaves you more time to run your business. Our custom Dashboard and Order Approval Tool make order review and approval easy, so you have transparent, clear data at your fingertips. You'll also receive:

  • Tailored stock models based on region, square footage, and customer preferences
  • Weekly, direct-to-store, auto-replenishment based on sales and inventory data
  • Analysis and oversight of SKU performance through regular CPFR with supply chain experts
  • Proactive returns recommendations and processing for slow-moving inventory

How do I get started with Vendor Managed Inventory?

VoiceComm partners with industry-leader iQmetrix to offer VMI services to you. Simply request a call at the link above to learn how VMI can help reduce risk and maximize sales for your company.


What is Dropship?

Dropship is a service that gives you, the retailer, the ability to send items from VoiceComm directly to your customers. By using existing fulfillment capabilities and supply chain integrations, your customers will always be able to get exactly what they want, whether it's in-stock or not!

Why Dropship?

With Dropship, you can offer thousands of additional products without the investment of physical inventory. That's the power of Dropship.

  • Save the Sale. Never lose a sale due to out-of-stock inventory or limited product selections.
  • Intelligent Inventory. Offer thousands of additional products to your customers, risk-free!
  • More Sales, More Money. Maximize sales by offering high-end items and benefit from higher profit margins as a result.

How do I get started with Dropship?

VoiceComm has multiple partners and integrations to make Dropship work for you. Our premier partner, iQmetrix, is ready to work with telecom customers of all sizes. If that’s not the right fit, we have other partners ready to help. Simply request a call at the link above to learn how the right Dropship partner can help reduce risk and maximize sales for your company.